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Andre "Chip" Bruchez

Chip's got an eye for design and a mind for success. In middle school, when the web was a new art, Chip received an award at the age of 13 for designing his school's website. Nearly 15 years later, he has grown with the times and having been raised on social media, is prepared to apply his specialties in assisting to grow any small (or large) business. When not elbows deep in creative problem solving, Chip can be found working on furniture design and music production in his home studio in Philadelphia.




Tim Bruchez

Driven by the adventures of an entrepreneurial lifestyle, Tim founded eMaginit in 2012.

"So many business owners are exceptional at what they do in their respective industries, but are clueless and even intimidated with today's technologies. They know social media is this tidal wave force all around them but they aren't comfortable with dipping their toe into the current let alone diving in with full commitment. Social media marketing migraines are experienced frequently.

So these business owners have a few options. They can keep dipping their pinky toe into the current. Or they can connect with with a social media marketing expert to get their message heard."



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